Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pushing Through

How hard do you push to achieve what you want? 

Many times we’re faced with a situation that requires us to do more then what we think we have within us to do. It is in those times that your subconscious mind lets you know that you are not able to complete the task. However, when we become consciously aware of our thoughts we are able to override them to produce more. 

Our achievement is not only completing the task and push ourselves outwardly but our achievement is also on the inside. When we stand and fight for what we desire, we push beyond, we achieve something far greater then what is seen; we achieve greatness and increase our integrity, we raise our inner pride and that is accomplishment.

So pushing ourselves publicly is wonderful but what about those times when no one is watching? Do we follow through and push even harder for ourselves or do we give in? 

Here is an example; I committed myself to reduce my weight by 10 pounds in the month of October. This past week, I ate fruits, vegetables, drank plenty of water and have not reduced by one pound. So it is now time for me to eat. What do I reach for, Mac & Cheese? Who is going to know but me, and that is exactly the point. Do I continue and eat the Mac & Cheese while wonderful when mixed with chili beans or do I push myself and eat what I know in my heart I should be eating?

What do I really want, a week of well I tried and it didn’t work, or a month of diligence and achievement because I pushed myself and followed through? 

They say that change is within us if we preserver. It takes between 20-30 days for change to take affect. So I am only in week one and my body says heck on it. You’re not going to fool me into believing you want change. It puts up all sorts of road blocks, trying its hardest to get me to give in. My mind shows me the Texas Toast that is in the freezer, the Mac & cheese, the sugar, ah yes sugar. 
I will not give in, because I want to see results. I got this way because “I” let myself go and now “I” need to undo what “I” have done. It is my body and my brain we need to get be on the same page. 

So what does pushing through mean for you, it helps to prove to others and yourself that you will do whatever it takes to fulfill your desire. Pushing through builds integrity when no one is watching; pushing through says YES I CAN when your mind and body say no you can’t. So if thoughts become things, push through to the other side and become more then you think you’re meant to be. PUSH!

Believing in you to push,
Carol Scheid
Becoming a butterfly.

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Tracey Keefer said...

Carol excellent post! I am glad you were inspired! One only fails when they quit and we all must keep on keeping on!

We are such a society of instant results and all that is good usually doesn't come quickly or easily; be it our weight, our faith or our thoughts but is we stop we will NEVER reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

"Dream, Believe, Become..."
Tracey Keefer