Sunday, March 11, 2012

500 Words

If you knew that today was your last day and you wanted to write something memorable what would you write? For me, I will say this:

Be the author of your own book. Learn to be inspiring by being inspired.

Learn to see what is around you. Have you ever watched a swarm of birds move with the wind? It is so beautiful and something you miss if you don’t look up. Have you ever seen a plane in the sky and wondered who was on that plane, let your imagination run with it? Have you watched the formation of clouds, how quickly they move, join and disconnect; the sway of a tree as the breezes of the air move around the limbs and leaves. Have you ever really looked at dirt, the colors, the grains, the sand or texture?

Do you ever travel the roadways and never really see what is there? Are you just on a journey and not really enjoying the adventure?
 Did you stop and see the red worm moving across the ground or hear the pine cone fall through the trees and hit the earth with a thunder? Did you come across a beautiful flower you didn’t see from the road or smell the scents of the trees? Maybe you saw an eagle flying overhead and hear his/her caw and notice that one white cloud. Maybe you saw a coyote eating his meal, or notice the wonderful markings on a cow, see a lamb nursing or one frolicking in the field. Did you hear the waves breaking against the rocks or see a seal sun bathing? Did you notice the color of the water, or the smell of the sea air?

You are on a crowded street, ever stop and watch the people? Listen to the sounds of what is around you; the busyness of the day may provide a different perspective then what you normally see.

Here is the tough one; learn to let go. We all know that we cannot change the past. Imagine how much weight those negative thoughts and emotions weigh.  If you could put them in a pile, how big would the pile be? Do you really want to carry all that? Is your health worth caring all those condescending thoughts, anger, fear, and hurt?  Think about it, today is your last day for ever; what does that stuff really matter now?

Read. We are given an opportunity to share in the thoughts of others through reading. Pick up a book it just might be inspiring.

Is your future what you preview in your mind?
Your future is the next chapters that are yet to be written. If you take all the steps written above and apply them today you can write a wonderful tomorrow. Learn to be grateful for what is in front of you, even when you hate it; why? They are the lessons that need to be reviewed and deciphered, pull out the parts that you can learn from to change today into tomorrow.

Remember you are the author and if you don’t like this chapter change it. No one has a right to write your chapter for you. Not your spouse, your family, friends, or employer; only you hold the pen.

Learn to live life with love and laughter. Inspire others.

Becoming a butterfly,
Carol Scheid

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