Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fear of Loss

Fear of Loss

How many times have you clicked on something because today
is the last day you can get XYZ item?

How about the infomercial on TV-get it while supplies last?
Or, Get this before the price goes up!

That is called Fear of Loss!

Pre-Launch is Fear of Loss, they play on your emotion to hook you into
buying what they are selling. Even though, it is not something you
would normally do.

Why, do we do that?

Because we are afraid we will miss something.

We don't know what; we just don't want to miss out and be left

Fear of Loss--NOT for them!

That is what these companies are preying on you for. YOUR MONEY.
And, we jump at the chance to give it to them, no matter how broke we are.

Isn't it about time we took our lives back?

How many companies can you think of that are in control of our lives?

Well, let's take a little look, The Federal Government, they have us believing
that everything is at an all time worst. For who, the stock brokers,
the high rollers.

If you believe it, it will be. So stop listening and live your lives like you normally would. FEAR OF LOSS.

Ok, how about the FDA; they control us by only letting us advertising what
they consider proven.
Which only includes drugs that are manufactured by drug companies.

The stuff that kills people. Fear of Loss-YOU-Not them!

Next, Oil Companies-Well here ya go, if you want to take a trip they want
a piece of your pleasure. Gotta buy gas.

So quit going!.
Due your due diligence and suffer by staying at home. SAVE YOUR MONEY!, It will
be there next year.

When we put our foot down, and say enough is enough eventually and
only if everyone does it; will we get out lives back in this country.

Fear of Loss-you go to work everyday because you are afraid you won't have
enough money.

Fear of Loss-You work everyday so you will have insurance.

Haa, there is another one-Insurance companies-now don't they just grab you where
it really hurts.

Who is really getting rich there?

If they let you get healed, you won't need prescriptions for the drug companies,
and they won't get any of your money. Go figure!

Are you seeing the circle? Government, Oil, FDA, Insurance, Drugs.....Oh, and don't let me forget the Auto Industry.


Who cares if they make too many vehicles every year, that is on them NOT YOU!

Who is really running your life? YOU, are you sure?

So take charge, learn how to think for yourself, not what they want you to think!

Fear of Loss!

Learn how to think, not what they want you to think!