Sunday, February 22, 2009

This weeks subject-Fear

So it seems that this week the subject is about fear. Where does fear come from and how does it resonate from our childhood?

As early as being a toddler we are taught if you do this, this is the consequence.

Touch the fire you get burnt, throw something you get a time out.
Hit someone; you get hit back. Etc. As we grow older those and many more are formed into our hearts and our head.

It gets to the point we are afraid “of our own shadow”.
Did we do the dishes right, did we remember to turn in our homework, is the laundry done correctly?
Did I get the toilet clean enough, is my bed made, did I get the grass cut right? Did I bring in enough wood for the fire tonight?

The list goes on. When you become an adult and have the “privilege” of having a job, you have to not only please your boss, but you co-workers as well.

Did I make enough copies of that assignment for the board meeting?
Hope I wasn’t late.

Did I take too long of a break, did I answer the phone quick enough and say the right things?
Did I get the floors clean enough last night?

Everywhere we turn there are things that impose fear in to our lives. Sometimes it is not much to think about, other times it is horrendous.

Sometimes we live in relationships that are not healthy. Sometimes we live in areas that are not safe, sometimes we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How often do you look over your shoulder, are you being followed?
In the parking lot; at the movies; inside the store?

So when does it stop and can you control your fears?

Well as I have just described fear inside of us is life long. We have been programmed from day one. So what we must do; is to unlearn the programming.

It is going to be easy, heck no. It is going to happen over night, no, but it also won’t take you your whole life either.

So your assignment if you choose to accept is this: look at your own life, write down what you fear. Then ask yourself why?

What is at the heart of your fear?

When you have that answer you will begin the process of owning your own life.

So let us all start to undo the programming.

The problem with doing nothing, is not knowing when you are finished --unknown