Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Thinking Enough? Part 2

     Yesterday I wrote about thinking and actions. I would like to expand on that just a little. Here is a statement that I get in my IGoogle apps: "Why do you worry? I wait to give you all that is lovely. I can only bless glad thankful hearts."

     Gratitude is such a huge unappreciated and unexpressed emotion. In learning and growing we must have gratitude for the lesson we have been challenged with. Why? Because they are presented to us as a learning experience; just like taking a math class; each lesson builds onto the next lesson. When we are able to look back and say I remember doing this and this is what happened, that is a lesson. You learn to not do the same thing over. 

     Do you ever look back at a certain teacher in your life and remember their influence they had on you? Was there something they taught or said to you that has stuck throughout the years? 

     Our life is a journey; when we appreciate the values that we have acquired and the beauty that we enjoyed we are given gifts. As we grow and develop more skills in our lives use them as a learning experience and share with others. 

     Sometimes we have to be taken down to our knees before we are able to acknowledge that we need to make changes. No matter how hard they are, it is a reality. The important step here is not to give up, or give in to your circumstance but, to learn from it and grow. Do not end up in the street because you gave up. Pick yourself up by the boot straps and be determined to continue on and achieve. Do not weaken and turn to drugs or alcohol, those only make things worse and limit who you are inside. We all have pumps, boulders and crevices in our journey we need to learn how to get around them. 

    So be grateful for what you have today, no matter how small you may think it is. Be grateful that you have been shown a new and different way and always remember that we all have something wonderful to offer the world. We just need to look within.

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Wishing you love, peace and joy.

Becoming a butterfly
Carol Scheid
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is Thinking enough?

It is said that thoughts become things?  My question is …Is Thinking Enough? 

We have read many books about thinking yourself into reality. You want to remodel your bathroom, you think about all that is involved, design, colors, materials, labor, and finances. Well thinking is not going to get the work done. You actually have to do something to make it happen. You make a plan, design, make choices, save money, buy your materials and get to work. We can not wish things into reality, anymore then we can wish our lives to change. We need to take action. 

Even when we want more money, we have to conjure up some sort of plan to get more money. Yes, it is said that the universe will provide us what we want, but only if we make the necessary changes first. God does not hand anyone a silver platter, while that would be really nice, he still wants us to make some sort of commitment and seek wise counsel. There are countless stories of people that have suffered miserably, thought, begged and pleaded for a better outcome, to no avail. So it is not the thoughts that make things happen, it is the action and the thoughts together that make things happen. 

There is also another thought I would like to share. What you think about you bring about…we have all heard that before. So what does that mean? Hummm…and why does this sound contradictory to what I said above? 
They are two different types of thoughts; one is monetary and the other is personal. While taking action to get something accomplished is true, it is also true that what you think about yourself will bring more of the same. If you continue to think about how broke you are, you will gain more bills. If you continue to claim something is a big piece of crap, guess what, it is going to break and prove to you that you are right. 

Now, here is something else, you think about something that you want, you wait, and wait, and pretty soon you stop thinking about it. Then one day it comes to be. Why, because when we put our thoughts out there, if we let go and let God, when the timing is right for us to achieve our desire, we will. We need to learn to be patient, positive, and remain in action.  

So while there are many things that we want; timing is everything. Be patient, don’t over spend, and make your plans while thinking positive about situations in your life. Do what is necessary to get things done and make changes. If you don’t know the answers, seek them out and wait; learn to listen to what is in your heart for it is never wrong.  Most importantly be happy and have faith.

Wishing you love, peace and joy

Carol Scheid
Becoming a butterfly

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apple Juice

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This morning I was rinsing out my Apple Juice container to use for my milk, because my Milk container leaks. So I put a little liquid soap in and began shaking it around to clean it out. In doing so, I thought wow; this is what I am doing with my thoughts, getting rid of the old dirty stuff so I can make room for the fresh new clean stuff. 

Are you doing personal development and not having the results you are hoping for? Are you wondering why that is? Our minds are like a computer and when the memory card is full it can not hold anything else. Ever get that message that says you are low on memory and your programs may run slow...? So out with the old and in with the new. 

Easy to do, you say? Ha, let me tell you a very recent story. 

A friend of mine in Canada recommended to me a guy who does subliminal hypnotic recordings. I have been listening to them for a few weeks now. (send me an email and I will send you his link.)  This past week, I was in a conversation via email with my ex. Before and after our conversation I listened to the recordings; all positive stuff, reaffirming in my mind that I am a power, wonderful person. In doing so, I had control of my thoughts and my ex lost his control over me. I feel amazing. All the usual past negative crap from the past 20 years still running out of his mouth; and it had not impact on me. 

That is incredible. YAHOO!!!

Why, because I am clearing out the old negative, useless, and non-productive thoughts. The apple juice is the negative thoughts and the milk is the new fresh clean and pure thoughts. 

Yesterday I listened to an archived call from this past week on the Mental Cleanse. This person was talking about his job and working the late shift and how he wanted to spend more time with his family. After a few months of thinking this way, his schedule was changed and he finally had weekends off.  Yes, he thought how wonderful. (He did not ask for the change.)
Then he began hanging out with people who were negative, critical and condescending. He began thinking negative also, what happened; his negative thoughts were put out to the universe and it was perceived that he was not happy with his new life style, his schedule was changed back and now he is working nights and weekends yet again. 

What a wonderful lesson. 
So I hope that you take some time to really look inside yourself to find the answers only you will know. 
Remember what you perceive you will achieve. Thoughts really are things….
The mysteries of your soul begin to show themselves when you look within..
Wishing you love, peace and joy.
Becoming a butterfly,
Carol Scheid
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Sunday, September 4, 2011


What does Success mean to you?

For some success means having a great deal of income, whether it is from a company, stocks, or investments. The means of the money is not important, the money is important. For some success is being a leader, being a part of a team who is allowed to make the decisions, direct others, and ultimately be the one who is in charge. 

For some of us it is attending school and receiving that diploma, certificate or degree. It is a feeling of accomplishment. It is an end of a goal that has been set, persisted, and achieved. For some of us it is being self-employed. 

For some of us it is as "simple" as raising our family and being proud of our children’s accomplishments, watching them grow from little ones to young adults to adults with their own families. 

For some of us success is being in control of our own life and making wise decisions. For some of us success is a small entity of achievement. For some of us our success comes from helping others to achieve their life goals, helping them solve problems, help create new ideas, or achieve a dream. 

For some of us, success is as simple as driving a fast car, winning a gulf game, learning to be on time, paying your bills and having money left over, cleaning a room long in need of attention, hanging up all our clothes and finishing all the laundry.

So today I want you to think about what success means to you. 

If you have achieved “success” are you happy with your achievements? Why or why not? 
Is there more that you can do? Are there any changes you would have made or would like to make? 
What are they? 
Now that you have a list is there anything that you can change now to make a difference in achieving your new goals? What can you do today that will help you succeed tomorrow?

Take some time to answer these questions, ponder your ideas, write them down, look at the pros & cons. Remember to plan, do, review and adjust. 

While success comes in many forms, it is for us to decide when we have achieved success; not society. 

I hope you read this with an open heart.

Becoming a butterfly,
Carol Scheid
A proud member of Home of Team Catalyst

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 Until next time.