Monday, August 1, 2011


It is so wonderful to read what others have written to inspire you, to lead and encourage you. I have learned so much by what others have written, it has really made a difference in my life. So today, I want to celebrate who I am, who I am becoming and more important who you are becoming. 

With so much stress and dismay in our lives it is very difficult to stay focused on our own personal dreams and desires. So as you a sitting reading this, take a few minutes to relax; breathe in and enjoy the moment. Let go of work, paying the bills, listening to the kids fight, the TV, and any other outside noises. Just be quiet and still. 

So now that everything around you is tuned out, think about what you have accomplished this week. Did you get the laundry caught up, did you take time to read a book, clean out that junk drawer, finish that dreaded report at work, what did you do that you dreaded or were afraid would not get done?  Now again, just settle down and think about how great that feels. Breathe in and relax.

Sometimes we just need to sit and celebrate our own personal achievements. Most things others do not recognize or appreciate and never acknowledge enough to say you did a good job. So I just want you to learn that it is OK for you to complement yourself.

Whoo raahh great and loyal servant, Good Job!  Isn’t it great to just sit and reflect? Be proud of the things you accomplish, and look at the other things you would like to do. But don’t overwhelm yourself with a to-do list. Just concentrate on one thing. One pebble out of the bucket at a time and soon all the pebbles will be gone and the bucket will be empty.
But with each job appreciate yourself for doing it, working hard and accomplishing what you set out to do.

When we have children, we teach them to put their toys away a little at a time. As they learn they start out small and grow to do more. As we become adults we are so busy multi-tasking we forget our basics to start out small.

Start with the baby steps and grow into the wonderful person you are meant to be one day at a time.

Becoming a butterfly,  
Carol Scheid
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