Saturday, June 27, 2009

Your Attitude says alot about you.

It has been a while since I last wrote and for good reason.

I was having a tough time at work. Not that work is hard, but the people that surround you on a daily basis can really affect your mind.

If you are not careful you can be consummed by what is happening around you. That is exactly what has happened to me.

I was living in such muck, it was like a sponge sucking up muddy water.
It is like being in quicksand and sinking to the endless bottom. It is really tough to pull yourself out.

Thank God I have friends that will listen and help put me back on the right path.

And of course, there is one other that keeps me going and that of course is none other then the Lord himself.

I have said this before, it is tough sometimes to get out of your own way.
Well now I am moving over and moving on, finally. YES!

I have a question, have you ever made a list of what you want and do not want in your life?

I am not talking about money, or material things, but things that are important to you, things that say who you are and what you stand for.

When you make that list, print it out, and put it on the wall where you can see it daily. It will be a strong reminder for you and keep you focused.

Here is another one; do you ever listen to how people talk?

Do they swear a lot, do they sound confident when they speak, or do they sound angry, unsure of themselves.
That also, says a lot about where you are in life.

How is your self-esteeem?

Does it affect your attitude toward others?

When your self-esteem is low, it is difficult to fake it. It shows in your facial expressions, the way to walk and talk, even the way you dress says a lot about what you think of yourself.

So how do you control what goes on around you?

When your self esteem is high, you become a stronger person, more reliant and a better leader. It is a domino affect, low self esteem- treat people and your self crappy. High self- esteem-leads to building others and build yourself.

.Wishing you sucess, one day at a time.

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