Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Country Garden

While I am sitting here reading my email, I thought ya know, your blog title is "A Country Garden" and the stuff you post has nothing to do with gardening per se'. I am sure many of you wonder the same thing. Why did I name my post that? Because life is like a garden, it produces what we plant. If you plant roses your are going to get stuck, if you plant grass you can be sure your going to be cutting it often(grooming). If it is full of nettle and you stick your hands in it, you get the idea….

That being said I do love gardening; and not only gardening but the science that is within it. I love to study about the structure of plants and trees. I had done a post a long while back and it just so excites me about plants, their makeup if you will. 

Long before my divorce we lived in the country. My soil was red clay shale rock. I did a lot of digging on my hands and knees. I called myself a human spoon. We brought in plenty of soil conditioners, dumped my rocks, pulled out lots of natural grasses. My garden was situated along the road way, was maybe 20x200’ long. 

I loved it there, I could look out my window and see my rose bush in full bloom, see my Bee Balm filling in the outer edge, see my paths run from one colorful room into another; all the while knowing that passersby would be able to enjoy the beauty amongst all the brown grasses that surrounded us. I miss doing that; I would spend hours on the weekends out there digging in the dirt until maybe 10:00 at night. I had my little night light on my head full of red dirt just digging away. 

Since then, I am not as able to get up and down, but I still have a little garden. I love the colors out my door, watching the Hummingbirds and a few Butterflies in the spring and summer months. The magic of plants is still there for me and I love dreaming about the forests and all their trees and all the differences between them. 

For me it is sad that not everyone enjoys the beauty that is within plants. They are not just plants; something that you put in the ground and hope they grow. They all have their own personalities just as people do.
So that is a little about me, what some of my passion is and why my blog is called A Country Garden.

I hope you enjoyed it. I hope that you too will find an interest in gardening and not just put a few plants in the ground.

Wishing you peace, love and joy.

Carol Scheid
Becoming a butterfly.

In all their glory, all unique, distinct, and different.

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