Thursday, May 26, 2011

God likes you around

God likes have you around! Do you like having you around? 

What is it within you that makes you special?

To look within yourself means to evaluate who you are. Boy, does this take work…yes indeed!

So if God is satisfied with you, why wouldn’t you be satisfied?

When you were born, you were issued a Certificate. Now I must ask; who are the people that get certificates? 
Would you say it is the people of achievement? So do you consider your birth an achievement?

Do you realize what a great fight it was just to be born? Not just to be born, but to be the person that is inside of you to be born.

It is really tough for us as humans to really understand the greatness that comes with a Certificate of Birth.  Most only think of it as a piece of paper for the government to keep record of who is here and who has died, so they can use it for statistics. 

When you come to realize all the work that is entailed in your birth, life is a wonderful gift. I understand that many of the world population does not understand the purpose of their life.
I know for sure I did not know, I questioned it constantly, and there are days that I still do. Just exactly, WHY am I here?
Now I know, my passion for my self is gardening and enjoying the gifts that the world has to offer and I know that I want to help others realize their own dreams, to help them find what drives them.

So it is my hope that you will realize that you are a gift from above. You were created to be here and there is something very special about you. There is no one that has the very gift that you have. So be proud, be creative and enjoy your life. Find out what your special gifts are.  Find your passion, because it is within you.

I know that when you look within yourself, you ask the right questions and wait for the answers they will come.  There are so many days that I too struggle, but when I ask the questions I come to a place of acceptance that it is O.K. to be where I am today.

The more I listen the more I grow, the more I fight and resist, the more I struggle.

I hope that you can look within to find who you are. I wish you peace, love and joy.

Becoming a butterfly,

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