Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So what does decision mean? Webster says this:

Determination arrived after consideration…a conclusion; an act or process of deciding.   Hmm so let’s look at some synonyms: conclusion, award, deliverance, judgment, opinion, verdict and resolution.

So would you say that a decision is making a choice?

Can a decision being made be a result of an action that has taken place and changed the results of a previous decision?

For example, you decide to buy a new car, you enjoy driving your car and then one day you get laid off of work. You have to make a decision based on an action (laid off) that affected your original decision (to buy a new car). 
So your new decision is keep the car and figure out how to make the payments, (which is a decision to do nothing); or look at other options of commuting, sell yours and use that money to buy a less expensive car.

Making a decision is something we do all day long, every day of our lives and we take little time to think about the outcome. 
Now it may be a small minute decision, but it could have grave consequences on us far down the road. It may even be a very huge decision and bring in great rewards. But a decision to me is a choice. 
It affects our families and everyone around us. So please be careful with what you choose to decide. Don’t just look at today and be blinded by your personal insight.

Now I do not want to make you be a fearful person when it comes to taking this action, we can never fully grasp the consequences of our decisions but we can evaluate what the results could be. 

So do the choices (decisions) you make have to deal with work, friends, family, and your own personal life? Will they affect you spiritually, financially, emotionally? How will the decisions you make today affect you ten years from now? Now I know we can not see in the future, but what we do everyday affects our future.

It is the decisions we make daily that build our foundations for who we are, change the way you think and it will change your foundation.

It is my hope that you will receive this with an open mind and an open heart. After all, it is your decision….         Wishing you peace, love and joy.

Becoming a butterfly,

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