Sunday, September 4, 2011


What does Success mean to you?

For some success means having a great deal of income, whether it is from a company, stocks, or investments. The means of the money is not important, the money is important. For some success is being a leader, being a part of a team who is allowed to make the decisions, direct others, and ultimately be the one who is in charge. 

For some of us it is attending school and receiving that diploma, certificate or degree. It is a feeling of accomplishment. It is an end of a goal that has been set, persisted, and achieved. For some of us it is being self-employed. 

For some of us it is as "simple" as raising our family and being proud of our children’s accomplishments, watching them grow from little ones to young adults to adults with their own families. 

For some of us success is being in control of our own life and making wise decisions. For some of us success is a small entity of achievement. For some of us our success comes from helping others to achieve their life goals, helping them solve problems, help create new ideas, or achieve a dream. 

For some of us, success is as simple as driving a fast car, winning a gulf game, learning to be on time, paying your bills and having money left over, cleaning a room long in need of attention, hanging up all our clothes and finishing all the laundry.

So today I want you to think about what success means to you. 

If you have achieved “success” are you happy with your achievements? Why or why not? 
Is there more that you can do? Are there any changes you would have made or would like to make? 
What are they? 
Now that you have a list is there anything that you can change now to make a difference in achieving your new goals? What can you do today that will help you succeed tomorrow?

Take some time to answer these questions, ponder your ideas, write them down, look at the pros & cons. Remember to plan, do, review and adjust. 

While success comes in many forms, it is for us to decide when we have achieved success; not society. 

I hope you read this with an open heart.

Becoming a butterfly,
Carol Scheid
A proud member of Home of Team Catalyst

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 Until next time.

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