Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is Thinking enough?

It is said that thoughts become things?  My question is …Is Thinking Enough? 

We have read many books about thinking yourself into reality. You want to remodel your bathroom, you think about all that is involved, design, colors, materials, labor, and finances. Well thinking is not going to get the work done. You actually have to do something to make it happen. You make a plan, design, make choices, save money, buy your materials and get to work. We can not wish things into reality, anymore then we can wish our lives to change. We need to take action. 

Even when we want more money, we have to conjure up some sort of plan to get more money. Yes, it is said that the universe will provide us what we want, but only if we make the necessary changes first. God does not hand anyone a silver platter, while that would be really nice, he still wants us to make some sort of commitment and seek wise counsel. There are countless stories of people that have suffered miserably, thought, begged and pleaded for a better outcome, to no avail. So it is not the thoughts that make things happen, it is the action and the thoughts together that make things happen. 

There is also another thought I would like to share. What you think about you bring about…we have all heard that before. So what does that mean? Hummm…and why does this sound contradictory to what I said above? 
They are two different types of thoughts; one is monetary and the other is personal. While taking action to get something accomplished is true, it is also true that what you think about yourself will bring more of the same. If you continue to think about how broke you are, you will gain more bills. If you continue to claim something is a big piece of crap, guess what, it is going to break and prove to you that you are right. 

Now, here is something else, you think about something that you want, you wait, and wait, and pretty soon you stop thinking about it. Then one day it comes to be. Why, because when we put our thoughts out there, if we let go and let God, when the timing is right for us to achieve our desire, we will. We need to learn to be patient, positive, and remain in action.  

So while there are many things that we want; timing is everything. Be patient, don’t over spend, and make your plans while thinking positive about situations in your life. Do what is necessary to get things done and make changes. If you don’t know the answers, seek them out and wait; learn to listen to what is in your heart for it is never wrong.  Most importantly be happy and have faith.

Wishing you love, peace and joy

Carol Scheid
Becoming a butterfly

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