Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Self Talk- Your inner Voice

Self Talk- your inner voice
How does self talk affect us? When you use the same words or types or sequence of words daily they begin to permeate our subconscious mind. You must remember that your mind does not forget anything and believes everything to be real. Words are no different; even when they are our own words, which can be really great or terribly horrible. 

I remember pretty much my whole life starting as a child I would say something negative to beat someone else for saying it first. In others words I would cut myself down. Sounds odd doesn’t it; why would I do that? 
When you are raised in a continuously negative environment it begins to become your nature which takes over your mind. You begin to believe all those bad words as truth, and hence negative self talk. It takes a great deal of focus on your part to change that. 

When you find yourself saying things like, “I can’t finish this in time; that is a pretty blouse, ahh, but I can’t really afford it; man, that looks great for lunch, but it’s cheaper to get this other item; maybe I should buy these pants, no I won’t they make me look fat. Maybe I will take a class at the JC after work, no, I am not smart enough, I won’t do well.   These are types of negative self talk.

Negative words no matter their use affect others around you. It is a poison in the mind that spreads like wild fire. They say that swearing is very similar and it comes from anger. Think about being in a fast food restaurant with your children, a few high school students come in and the 'f 'words fly, what is your reaction? Do you really want to expose your children to that? You may say no, but what kind of words do you use at home? Are they negative, condescending, critical, demeaning, abusive, attacking? These words your mind hears and remembers. So does your family, and your children will retain them for life. 

So learn to listen to the words you choose to use. Learn to listen to your heart and not your head, they are very different. When you become connected with your inner self you will realize the areas that you need to improve on and it will begin to come natural to you. You will build inner strength; yes it takes diligent effort, time and commitment. Oh, you will feel so much more at peace with yourself. It is really great.

You are worth every thought of positive emotions and feelings you can conjure.
I have attached an audio that I would like to share with you. Listen to it, think about it and see if it affects you. Here it is: Finer Minds
Here is another article that I just found and wanted to add some additional content concerning negative thinking and talking: Are Negative Thoughts Cutting Your Lifespan in Half?

Becoming a butterfly,
Carol Scheid

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