Thursday, July 28, 2011


What is the definition of Enthusiasm?

According to it means: 
lively, absorbing interest; a feeling of excitement; lively manifestation of joy or zeal.

So I ask you~~
Are you enthusiastic in what you are doing?
Do you have a burning desire?
Does it lead you?

Or do you approach “it” with dread?
What is the “IT” in your life?

Can you be enthusiastic 
about what “IT” is? 

Can you pay attention to what it is
that you dread?
Start by asking your self questions.
How Can I....

Life can be wonderful,
If we can change
the way we think.
It is that important.

My new puppy plays with her toy with great enthusiasm.
When she is playing you know it, 
she is happy, excited, and full of fun and happiness.
It is so wonderful and fun to watch.

That is what I want to all of us.

To fill exhilarated to get out of bed in the morning.
Make your coffee, drink your milk and eat your breakfast with enthusiasm.

Put down the paper, turn off the news, 
read a wonderful book, 
spend time with your family, 
enjoy life. 

Watch the butterflies, 
listen to the birds sing, 
watch the clouds move 
watch the planes fly overhead.

Look UP! 

Be happy and glad 
in the moment;
be enthusiastic
live life.

~Your mind acts to what you feed it~

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