Friday, April 15, 2011


What is your level of commitment?

There are many things in life we claim to be committed to; 
for instance, your marriage, your faith, your family, your job….

When you say you are committed to your spouse  what does that mean? 

Does it mean you will stand by him/her in whatever decisions are made, does it mean that no matter how long you are married you will devote all your love, does it mean that you would give your life for your spouse?  

What about your job?

Does it mean that you will be there everyday; on time, no excuses for calling in sick? Will do your best everyday, you will provide the best customer service you possibly can everyday? 

Will you help fill the gaps of what needs to be done? Will you help others?

What about Faith, 

This is personal to each and every person who reads this.

Are you faithful to your “Lord” your “God” your Jehovah, are you committed?

Does it mean that you will pray every day with out fail; does it mean that you will read “your” bible every day? Does it mean that you will live your life with honesty, integrity, ethics and morals? 

So I want to ask you, are you committed; 
100%, no questions asked. 

Or do you have reserves and say, well if things were this or that maybe I would feel better about my commitment. 

If that is the case, then you are not committed at all. 

You have reservations;
you leave your self a door of escape so you can back out. 

It is like saying will maybe; I will try; I might give it a shot….

Commitment means you are 100% all in. 

Your undying love for your spouse, ‘til death do you part; You forgive each other and except each other for who you are today.
In your faith, true belief that nothing could possibly deter your faith; to your job, you will be 100% all-in in your work; to your family, that you will be there every possible moment and not let others steal your valuable time and hold you captive for their selfish reasons.

When you build your level of true commitment there is nothing absolutely nothing that will deter you from it. 

It is as strong as the foundation under the Empire State Building.

When you have true commitment, you are true to yourself; because it brings you to whom you are inside.

When you are able to see who you are inside you will then be committed to your self to be the very best person that you can be and everything else will fall into place.

So it is my wish to you, that you are able to look inside of yourself,
and ask 

Wishing you peace, joy and life freedom,

Carol Scheid

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